As with our other services, our approach to structuring our client's project is hands on:

  • During the bid stage we revise the financing components of the bidding documents, understand what is being requested, analyze the bankability, help address concerns and work with our clients to determine the optimal financial structure best suited for the project. We pay special attention to the payment terms indicated in the bidding specifications to understand what risks are being undertaken.

  • Once we have a good understanding of the terms, we prepare a financial model based on give visibility into the cash requirements of the project and the expected financial costs such that your bid can take into consideration the financial component. 

  • Once we begin negotiating the financing terms and conditions, we work directly with the client into the due diligence requirements and help them to prepare for such process.

  • We work side by side with our clients to keep track of the condition's precedents until financial closing.

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